Cemetery Series (2008 – 2012)

It wasn’t very obvious that I would start photographing graveyards, even to enter one without knowing who is resting there had been weird for me. Only while spending times abroad, being bored and wondering aimlessly around the city, I ended up exploring graveyards and, as I was often carrying a camera with me, taking photos.
Soon, every time I visited a new country or interesting city, I wanted to see a cemetery. They all have a very unique atmosphere and oddly enough, you see the reflection of the society, the living people of the city, on their relations on the dead ones.

Pennyweight Flat Cemetery, Castlemaine

On my very busy trip to Australia on 2012, I wanted to get outside of Melbourne just to have a change to see some kangaroos and rural landscape. By a random choice I ended in Castlemaine, took a direction from the only map I could find from this small town and start walking. After a while, just by accident, I found the most heartbreaking cemetery I ever visited.

The Melbourne General Cemetery, Melbourne

Open daily 9 am – 5 pm. Mourning during the office hours only.

Parochial-Friedhof, Berlin

This is one of my favorite cemeteries in Berlin. In the summertime it is growing wildly, now sleeping under a light snow cover.

Friedhof Grunewald-Forst, Berlin

Lovely, small graveyard on the forest area of Grunewald. Until 1927 it was only for those died by their own hands. They were not allowed to be buried on the normal graveyards because suicide was a sin and they would not go to heaven. Singer (from The Velvet Underground) Nico, and her mother are buried here. I visited there on spring 2011.

Kerepesi temető, Budapest

Normally, when walking around at a cemetery, I feel relaxed enjoying the silence and beauty of the place. This time it was quite the contrary.
I found an abandoned chapel from a little wild forest that was growing on the graveyard. Taken on January 2011.

Novo groblje, Beograd

Beautiful cemetery in Belgrade, Serbia. Influences from Secession and Soviet style modern architecture, that you can see around the city.
Some people have already bought their places, big black stones are standing next to the empty graves and waiting for the names to be carved on with golden letters. Taken on January 2011.

Vanha hautausmaa, Eura

I remember this old graveyard from my childhood. We went there once with my mother, summer time, but I never really learned the route, since it’s very far from our house. This was maybe third time I visited there and it was as in my memories, like a little isle floating on the fields. Very modest and well maintained, it has it’s own spirit comparing to other cemeteries I have recently visited. Pictures were taken on 2010.

Серафимовское and Смоленские, Sankt Peterburg

Cemeteries reflects the society, at least I can see the Sankt Peterburgs graveyards representing my idea of Russia much more than the city.
I learn that Russians have a tradition to gather to the grave on the day when loved one passed away to have a drink with friends and relatives. They have little benches and tables next to the graves. (Sometimes it goes a bit too wild and that´s why many people don´t like this habit.)

Pictures are from two graveyards; Серафимовское and Смоленские кладбища (soldiers who died on Kursk-accident are buried on Serafimovskoye).
I shot these pictures on black and white film on summer 2010 but lost all the scanned files (my hard drive broke while I was editing these photos). These pics are the result of experimenting with my home scanner; that´s where the weird stripe effect comes from.

Monumentale del Verano, Roma

Second part for my cemetery series, Monumentale del Verano, Roma. Peaceful and beautiful place to escape in tourist packed Roma. Pictures are taken on mid-February 2009. Weather was nice and sunny which means lots of sharp dark shadows but was a great change for wet snow and coldness of Berlin.
I made friends with the gray cat on the last picture. She had a huge belly full of babies and she was running after me and talking all the time. But she was not hungry. I still don’t know what she actually wanted from me…

Père Lachaise, Paris

It was on 2008, not the first time I was taking photos on a graveyard. I was, of course, looking for the grave of Jim Morrison, and kept getting lost. I started to peak into these little chapels to see how they are from inside and got very attracted by the glass mosaic windows and cobwebs. It was not supposed to become a series but I got carried away.