Don’t Go Home With Satan (2009)

“Mom bought us candies and we got to stay up late. But then my brother said we need to go to bed. He’s annoying sometimes. But then came the Satan and I thought he will eat us. But then he didn’t.”
(Aaron, 4 years)

Don’t Go Home With Satan is an experimental short animation. Story is based on a haunting song I heard in my dream. When waking up I could not recall the song anymore but after several months it suddenly came to me again. I found a scull from a forest, perhaps a fox, mice had eaten some of it, I turned it around and saw something creepy, face of the Devil, and as walking back to a house I started to sing a song; ‘Don’t go home with Satan, he will eat your children’.
Scull became a character and I build the story around it.

Year of production: 2009
Duration: 03:55 min
Master: 2K, stereo sound
Puppets/Animation/Editing/Etc: Saana Inari
Sound: Stephane Leonard
Music: Margo Zalite and Mimosa Pale
Funding: AVEK