Flucht aus der Sonntagsschule | Escape from the Sunday School (2013)

Kurze Notizen zum Umgang mit dem Gewicht der Geschichte.
Short notes on how to deal with the weight of history.

Movement based short film was shot on locations around Finland and Germany. It was originally created on the context of the exhibition ‘Wahlheimat’ (Adopted Country).

Film has no written script nor dialogue. I shot one scene and after seeing it decided what should follow. The scenes deals with questions I have felt but never verbalized, shown as physical re/actions.

Director/Starring/Editing/Sounds: Saana Inari
(SLR) 1080p, Color, Stereo, no dialogue, 4:50 min, Finland / Germany

Links: Onlinefilm | 3Sat | IMDb | Oberhausen Distribution Program