Sculptures and Installations 2007-2012

Archives of past projects:

'Because we are blind..' (2012)

I joined a month long residency and exhibition/competition among 8 other international artists in Berlin. Each had own garage and the freedom to do what ever with it - the old GDR -garages would be demolished at the end of the year.
On my project I was examining how to transform a random space into a sacred, without referring to existing religions or symbols.

Morph! (2012)

Exhibition was held in Melbourne, April 2012.
I continued to explore the themes of humans encounters and relations with animals. I was focusing on the metamorphosis, change from a human form into an animal, showing it through anatomical studies as well as metaphors and narratives. Questions asked were: How do we feel about animals, do we belong in the same space, city, society, time? What if we actually want to be one of them rather than being humans?

Karitsa - Lamb (2008)

This piece started as a playful thought of how could I use an animal character in a artwork for an Ev.-Luth. church, when animals are mostly seen as something rather demonic or pagan.
For installing the work I built up a tiny chapel into a cleaning closet of the gallery, for a visitor to spend a moment in silence and say their prayers. Having a 'holy' space somewhere very close to the everyday environment is not often seen in Ev.-Luth. religion, thus it was interesting to see reactions to this.

(Installation photo by Jussi Autio/Kuvataideakatemia)

You have a right to complain (2008)

The room has a table with a small plant on it, and a chair, and outside of the room another table. Two monitors are playing video loops, one which is showing a woman´s face. She is mumbling, smiling, just staring and laughing. Other one is showing a woman writing on a notebook when a hand comes and rips the book and a pen from her and then quite soon gives them back so that she can continue writing.

Under the table is a character called Turo. Turo got his name from a Finnish company Turo Tailor that manufactures men´s wear. I heard they moved their factories to China. Turo has also a brother, Turo, who is trying to hide under the chair.
The walls are covered with two types of papers. Yellow one is a work contract. I have 25 originals, all made between years 2005 and 2007 for the same company, different task and different reasons. Most of the contracts are signed for only one or two days, one is for 3 months. The other paper is the one you get when Finnish National Pension Institute decides to give you money or rejects your application (to get study or child support or for your rent or when your unemployed or anything) or when they want you to give back the money they paid for you (two years ago). Paper is called something like "appeal assignment". It says that you have a right to appeal. Though it doesn't usually help..

Sounds like a deal for me. You call when ever there is work to be done. I come, I do my job and you pay me so that I can survive until you call me again. But what if something goes wrong? Suddenly I don't hear from you, or you ask for a one day but insist to stay for three or you demand me to quit when I haven't finished yet. And what if I get ill? Again I'm forced to eat paper and run through the endless corridors of an office building trying to reach an official who is willing to negotiate with me only in telephone. Who claimed that Kafka is dead?


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