Jättömaa | Wasteland (2007)

Exhibition consist of several independent pieces which were installed in to the gallery space. Gallery was fitting well on my idea of representing the atmosphere of my photos, taken in old army base, abandoned industrial building etc, in the gallery as a site-specific installation. I brought in elements and used materials that can be seen in such a places.
Next to the window I had a big pile of old rolled blanket sheets, a scene I’ve seen in my dream. Different tones of white, stains and dirt as marks of memories those sheets have.
On the walls I had old mirrors as if the gallery was an old shower room. On the mirrors I draw faces, ghosts that were staring back when you look at the mirror.
Next room was a kitchen with a little stove I cooked porridge for my video installation ‘After 6 am’. On that same table was also a candle to lit up a weird sculpture that faced a corner as if it was just forgotten there by accident.
A staircase from ‘the kitchen’ leads to a cellar corridor that normally leads to a room but I changed this room to be a corridor that leads nowhere. Ceiling was made out of old white underwear and shirts as continuous theme of representing different tones of white the memory marks of an item. A floor covered with old clothes is something you might find in an abandoned building, but now it was upside down.
On the walls I placed photos taken from former Soviet countries. Marks of old forces, buildings and avenues that were supposed to be monuments of the future and power of Soviet Union and have now changed into wastelands.

(Part of the photos by Tommi Keränen/Kuvataideakatemia)