Morph! (2012)

Morph! exhibition was held in Melbourne, Australia on April 2012. Morph is also a name for a series of sculptures.
With this exhibition I continued to explore the themes of humans encounters and relations with animals. I was focusing on the metamorphosis, change from a human form into an animal, showing it through anatomical studies as well as metaphors and narratives. Questions asked were: How do we feel about animals, do we belong in the same space, city, society, time? What if we actually want to be one of them rather than being humans?

On addition to the sculpture series exhibition featured a photograph Self Portrait with a Deer alongside a short film with the same name and 2 minutes no sound version of the animation Sparrow flock.

Morph! was organized by ART BEAT gallery and funded by FRAME

Sparrow Flock | Varpusparvi (2012)

HD line animation 01:00 min

How much does the amount of animals affect on how we see them, how do we feel about them. An individual sparrow may appear beautiful but having tens of them may give you quite a contrary impression.
I shot a video of a sparrow flock feeding under a bush, flying away if a person passes by too close, returning and fleeing again. I drew an animation based on this footage. Background was removed to reveal the movement and how the single sparrows are morphing into each other and becoming a flickerly moving mass.

Later I gave the birds a sound, buzzing non-sense talking. I choose to use a language that I don’t understand myself.

Animation was part of the exhibitions Morph! and Att döda en koltrast

Self portrait with a deer (2011)

The video draws a story about a mental dilemma, the protagonist is trying to escape by adopting the roles and forms of different animals. After several failures she has to accept her own limitations in order to be able to continue her journey.

I use real encounters with animals as metaphors and a frame for the story based on my personal reflections. The name ‘Self Portrait With a Deer’ refers to a photograph which is used as the title of the video. In addition of visual elements, both deal with the connection to wild animals. On the picture I´m holding a deer, on the video a deer represents fear.

Video was shot on the location of Kunstraum Bethanien in Berlin on April 2011.
Duration: 10:48 min
Shooting format: HDV 1080/25p
Camera: Tiago Bartholo
Sound: John Blue
Advisor: Simo Kellokumpu
Else: Saana Inari
Thanks to John Holten for helping with the translation from Finnish to English.


Trailer :