My neighbour Ms.Turtle (2008)

One morning when I woke up there was a turtle under my kitchens window. I don’t know how it ended up there but probably it happened against its own will, I could clearly see white traces left on a ground as it had been dragged there. And there she was now, standing alone in that corner. Some kids passed by and climbed on its shell.

Next morning I saw something awful! Poor turtle was laying upside down. I had bad feelings about it and I really hoped that she wasn’t hurt. Who did this and why? What happened?

Soon she was up on her feet again but staring at the wall. Think she was upset about what happened last night, perhaps even depressed. I felt so sad for her.

Then came winter and she was covered with snow. And by the spring when snow finally melted I noticed that she had turned around. Now she looked to the street and saw all the people walking and running and driving. Maybe she felt happier now.

Few days ago when I was returning from the supermarket I noticed that she was smiling. Then I saw it, something white and small under her belly. She had a baby! Now she wasn’t alone anymore.