The Fear Of Everything (2003)

After seeing a documentary of killer bees I thought, how people can get so easily hysteric about almost anything if it´s sold well enough in media. I wanted to make a video for a splatter film festival, about a girl who’s fear seems very irrational, but when I was almost done with editing I realized there is no blood. That led me into an idea of drawing line animation on top of the video, to add the missing element. It still wasn’t splatter enough so I never submitted the video to that festival, but I´m still using the same concept of combining line animation with video footage.

Original: DVC Pro 16:9, Duration: 03:00 min, Production year: 2003 Dir./Edit/Script: Saana Inari, Steady Cam: Risto Honkasalmi, Sounds: Pro Babbit, Actors: Miikka, Sauli, Toni, Saana